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Pond Wildlife


A garden pond is a natural but man made reservoir which can attract a diverse spectrum of wildlife. The water garden put it simply is a natural habitat for attracting amphibians, insects and mammals all which rely on the basic requirement of life -water!

Although large lakes and ponds will attract a myriad of wildlife, the water garden in your garden will still attract many a wild life. The first sounds you will here from your healthy pond are frogs croaking but the attraction will not stop there, other animals and insects will be attracted to the pond from foxes, pigeons, squirrels, rodents and cats.

As you can see attracting wildlife is easy provided you do not disturb the microhabitats existing in the pond. When I first made my pond I spent a lot of time keeping the water clean but this is not always good. You have to allow a new pond to create the microhabitat environment and get established. Trees and shrubs provide food, shelter, nesting areas, and a cooling / shading effect around the pond so it is vital for your animal visitors.







Gray Squirrels































Foxes will be attracted to your garden and garden pond as a source of water. They will normally come out late in the evening. They are also attracted to gardens with overgrown lawns, usually foot tall grass and make themselves known by the their short barks. As they are very territorial once they start visiting your garden you will see them regularly most evenings.

In snow covered winter evenings fox visits to the garden are easily distinguished by their paw marks in the snow.






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