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Turfing and Lawns


With the summer now truly over its time to start thinking about repairing and replenishing your lawn. The factors to consider are soil, fertilizer and seeding.

A good clearout of the area is always a good start and this includes clearing the old foliage, trim back trees and plants to allow sunshine in shaded areas, removing any moss, weeds, stones is also a good idea. Most lawns get compacted as a result of usage and inevitably need to be aerated to help with drainage and promote good roots. Hiring a lawn aerator is ideal for very large lawn areas and would be money well spent.

Once the lawn is properly aerated it is then ready to receive fertilizer. Fertilizer provides grass with nutrients as the food for healthy growth. Deciding on how much fertilizer you need and type will depend on your soil condition. Always adhere to the fertilizer manufacturers instructions on its usage.

The use of nitrogen (N) is also vital for lawn care. The amount of nitrogen your lawn needs also depends on soil type. If you have not done so I would get the soil tested to see what the soil is lacking in nutrients particularly Phosphorus (P) or Phosphates in soil. Fertilizer types can be in pellets, liquid water soluble or compound fertilizers. The compound are based on nitrogen/ phosphorus known as nitrophosphates. Another element necessary for plants is Potassium(K) which comes in the form of Potassium Carbonate also known as Potash. I have labelled the three elements of Nitrogen(N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K) for good reason as these form the basic constituents of fertilizer and their NPK definitions.

Fertilizers can be man-made called synthetic fertilizers or organic fertilizers made from natural minerals, plants and farmyard manure.

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